1. When I Am High

From the recording Worthy (Volume 1)

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When I Am High

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When I Am High

Sit back, while I
Hold back the tears
Hold back the cry
I know that I’m not the only one.
Who found peace in a bottle once.
Lost self respect and ran out of time.
I maybe even lost a friend along the line.
When I was high…

I’m fortunate to have you here.
Sorry you must hear me whine.
Hope my words come out clear.
I wouldn’t wanna waste your time.
I know that I not the only one.
Cause we all keep something deep inside.
We search for answers but there are no signs.
If only something real could control this part of my life!
When I am high…

I hated the world cause so much taught me how to hate.
But I broke free from that misguiding fate.
And it changed my life, it changed my world and my love.
And it made me the man I am today.

To my friends and family, I apologize.
I made many mistakes and decisions that weren’t so wise.
I feel like I am the only one.
Who must fight to keep the addictions tied.
Speak words of truth and come out from where I hide.
And for all of your support I would give my life!
When I am high…

Written By Ronnie LeBlanc © 1991 - 2018 All Rights Reserved