Another project of mine that I named "An Acoustic Sin" in which I wrote 36 songs for from 1991 to 2022,  revealed another style of my writing. The first album was called "Erase the sky", the second album was called "Of four corners", and the third album was called, "Here comes the sin". I toured under this flag name for 25 years throughout Canada and some of Europe. The music is no longer available due to lack of support however, fans can reach out to me or Stephen LeBlanc if they really want the albums.

I, Ronnie LeBlanc & Stephen LeBlanc are the only ones allowed to sell this music. No other members are allowed to sell our albums and we ask that if anyones sees this happening to please contact me directly. My albums and music is protected by law and I take it very seriously. X members do not own any rights, nor rights to use or sell my music. Thank you.