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SUPERFAN (Tier #1)

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1. After Dawn With Ron - Every Monday (Live 1 hr show of un-released songs).

2. Studio Portal - Behind the scenes in my studio
 - Watch me work in the studio on new songs & see the process of recording/mixing & mastering.

3. Yearly Members Reunion
 - (We gather in person to connect).

4. Discount on all merch/cds
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5. Buy & Hear unreleased music
 first before it is released to the public.

I hope to add more experiences to this tier as we grow. If we find enough folks to join, I would bring a whole new and crazy experience that would knock your socks off! lol. but I have to be in the studio for that. So let's grow together and maybe I'll reach that goal so I can share it all with you!!! Thank you so much for your support and I promise to not disappoint any of you. XXX Ron